[BETA] Slack Integration for Alerts
We continue to extend and improve our Alerts system. In addition to alerts via email, you can now also connect GraphCDN to your Slack workspace and have alerts show up in your Slack channels.
To use Slack, you'll first need to head over the to the _Integrations_ page for your organization (which is also new) and install the GraphCDN Slack application.
Once Slack is connected, you can select Slack when creating or editing an alert, and then select the Slack channel you'd like to send the alert to.
Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 2
(As you can see, Max, one of our founders, is blown away by the new feature.)
As with all alerts you can fine-tune when notifications should be sent, and if you alert on GraphQL errors you can also filter based on the error code, or the path.
Which other systems would you like to use for Alerts? We have heard about PagerDuty from a couple of you, but what else is missing? And which other improvements would you like us to make with alerts? Let us know at support@graphcdn.io!